Envi Heater Uses & Applications

The envi heater is the most versatile heater in the world!  The envi is elegant yet practical, effective yet economical and can be used to heat any area of your house, office or commercial establishment.  The envi can be used as a sole source heating solution or as a supplemental hybrid-heating solution or even to just warm that one cold room in the house. 

Here are some examples of how our customers are using our heaters.

  • Bathrooms – Envi heaters are perfect for bathrooms as they are safe and stable when mounted and will not overpower the room with too much heat.
  • Bedrooms – One of the most common uses for the envi is for bedroom heating.  Our customers turn down the thermostat for the whole house at night and place envi heaters in all their bedrooms.  This provides healthy heating for the whole family while cutting the heating bill down drastically.
  • Garages and workshops – In unheated garages, safe, low temperature heaters are required.  Forced air heaters create havoc with dust so the perfect choice for a safely heated and dust free workshop is the envi heater.
  • Restrooms/Toilets -  The envi was designed to heat small restrooms at low thermostat settings.  Say goodbye to freezing cold toilet seats, thank you envi!
  • Pet sleeping areas and Kennels – Safety is paramount when considering heating pet areas as animals can be burned if the surface is too hot and can knock over space heaters and cause a fire.  Not so with the envi’s cool-to-touch surface and secure, stable wall mounting.
  • Mobile homes – Many mobile homes have electrical capacity problems and high wattage heaters continually trip the circuit breakers.  The envi is only 4.17amps, just one third of the amp draw of regular space heaters, so you can leave your heaters on all the time and not have to worry about elderly or shut-ins being left in the cold if the circuit breaker trip.
  • Motorhomes and RV's – Again, RV’s are difficult to heat with high wattage heaters or heaters with high surface or output air temperature.  Space is at a premium in RV’s but the envi can be safely installed behind a couch or a piece of furniture providing the top air vent is not blocked. 
  • Basements – Most basements are not fitted with furnace ductwork, which can cost thousands of dollars to retro-fit.  The envi solves this problem…all you need is a wall and an electrical outlet and you are set.
  • Office cubicles – Often the problem in an office is each employee likes their cubicle or office area to be at different temperatures.  The envi can be safely installed on a cloth covered cubicle or office wall and the thermostat set to the employees comfort level in their own space!  As an added bonus, the office heating bill will be reduced and tripping of circuit breakers will become a thing of the past. 
  • Commercial Establishments:
    - Hotels & Motels
    Apartments & Condos
    Retirement Villas & Nursing Homes
    Schools and Daycare Facilities
    Guest houses & Holiday Cabins
    Hospitals & Doctors Waiting Rooms
    All of these commercial establishments have one thing in common.  They place safe heating for their guests at the top of their heating priorities.  The next most common concern is heating their guests efficiently, so that they can reduce their operating budgets.  Other top concerns of commercial customers are reliability, warranty and risk assessment for insurance underwriting. Finally, our commercial customers are looking for a healthy heating solution for their guest facilities.  The envi delivers AAA+ performance in all these variables, safety, economy, reliability and healthy heating.

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