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Envi 120v Plug-in Electric Panel Wall Heater - 2nd Generation

15.00 LBS
Ships same or next Business Day

Product Description


The HH3012T is a direct replacement to the HH1012T model. The Envi™ Wall-mounted Electric Panel Heater is one of the most efficient, stylish, and innovative space heaters ever developed. After 7 years we have finally refreshed the Envi Heater with a more stylish look. The HH3012T Envi Heater is a 120volt plug-in whole room heater and has a built in thermostat.


  • True Temperature-Controlling Thermostat. (Only models HH3012THW3012T and HW3022T)
  • Wall-Sens(TM) Technology, safely cuts power to heater if it is removed from the wall. (All models)
  • 475/500 watts - low wattage convection heating that doesn't dry out the air, won't trip the breaker but is still powerful enough to heat a 130sf to 150sf rooms.
  • Convenient Cordset storage inside heater to tuck away untidy power cord. (only Plug-in models)
  • Hardwired models also available, approved for commercial installation.  (HW3012T/HW3022T - with built in thermostat and HW3012N/HW3022N - without thermostat)
  • Conforms to UL & CSA (Canadian) safety standards (All models).
  • Available in Canada also. If you live in are in Canada, please click on to receive FREE SHIPPING to any location in Canada!

The Technology

The dual-stack convection technology featured in the Envi was born out of years of research and development to find a solution to effectively and safely heat a room using the smallest possible, amount of electrical heating energy.

Dozens of heating methods were evaluated to fine tune the Envi heater, but eventually the answer was found in a naturally occurring phenomena called the "stack effect". This provided the basis for and eventually we won a patent for the final Envi heater design.  Natural convection, fanless heating is enhanced by simulating multiple pathways, or “stacks,” inside the Envi heater.  This technology boosts the flow of cool air from the floor of a room, into the unit, and maximizes heat transfer out the top of the heater.  The resulting process creates a slow moving transfer of warm air around the room, effectively warming the occupants.

The result is a 100% pure convection, fanless heater that uses minimal energy but also effectively warms each room in a house or office - or any room or space for that matter!

What are the Benefits?

  • Economical - low wattage technology (only 475/500 watts). Costs as little as 4-5 cents an hour to run.
  • Efficient - 100% Pure Convection Heating
  • Innovative - New Patented Stack Convection Technology
  • Safe for children, seniors, and pets - Cool-to-the-touch (90°F), Wall-Sens(TM) technology and automatic thermal cutoff
  • Simple to install  - Installs in minutes, no drilling required
  • Slim - Just 2 inches thin
  • Stylish – Beautiful flowing curves compliment any room interior
  • Healthy - Fanless, non-forced air design that doesn't blow dust or allergens into the air and around the room.
  • Sleep friendly - Silent and auto dimming on/off power light in dark rooms, is helpful for light sleepers.
  • American Owned & Built – High Build Quality – ISO 9001 Quality Control Factory Certification
  • Heats Room Size – 130 to 150 square feet
  • Built in Thermostat - Better temperature control
  • Sturdy & Crack Resistant – high tech 21st Century durable materials will not crack or separate at the seams.
  • Industry Leading Warranty – 3 years
  • Easy to clean – smooth wipe clean surface
  • Cord Storage - Cordset can be stored inside the heater for a more attractive look.
  • Hardwired Approved - Hardwired models are certified and approved for permanent electrical installation under UL Safety Listing 2021. The Envi heater finally answers the need for a legal and safe, hardwired electric panel heater. (Models HW3012T, HW3012N, HW3022T and HW3012N)

Please review our Return Policy before placing an order.


Model Number: HH3012T
Voltage Rating: 120V, 4.17 Amps
Power Consumption: 475/500 Watts
Unit Size: 19.3 in. (W) x 2 in. (D) x 22.2 in. (H)
Unit Weight: 10 lbs (shipped weight 15lbs)
Color: Luxury White







Standard free shipping on all orders is NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED for delivery.


*Due to popular demand, stock levels may vary and will ship within 1-3 business days.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Real quality

    Posted by Craig J on 19th Mar 2021

    A product that is what it says it is and does what it's supposed to do. Does a better job at evenly warming than the highest rated 1,500 watt jobs with fans. I'm impressed!

  2. Great heater!

    Posted by John Mm on 19th Mar 2021

    Perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms. We have 3!

  3. Late night buy

    Posted by Harold Ashbaugh on 19th Mar 2021

    Looking for a heater for our bathroom, I saw this one late one night when I could not sleep. Read the reviews and I like the idea that its quit and no moving parts. I bought it and installed on the wall myself. Very easy. Turn it on and forget about it. Bathroom got very cold at night, not anymore. Nice to walk in a warm bathroom in the morning to get ready to go to work. Older home where the bathroom was added on later in life. This heater is AWESOME. If you have a room that is colder then the rest of the house, buy this heater. Install it and forget it. That easy

  4. best electric heater we ever owned

    Posted by carl frank on 19th Mar 2021

    This wall heater is so easy to install. Comes with its own template and mounting hardware, just mark and drill the holes. Then plug it in. The unit makes no noise since there is no fan unlike all of the other electric wall heaters we have owned. We have only had it in use for 2 weeks but so far works perfectly. Temperature control keeps it at a steady temperature while outside temperature here in the Rocky Mountains varies significantly.

  5. Excellent product!

    Posted by Jerry on 19th Mar 2021

    This product is sleek, quiet and does the job! I would recommend it to everyone!

  6. good product

    Posted by Willie W. on 15th Mar 2021

    Nice heater. Takes up very little space and puts out nice heat. Use it in a bathroom for extra heat.

  7. This is an Amazing product

    Posted by Kristal Lehnherr on 15th Mar 2021

    I was skeptical if this was going to able to heat my daughters entire room. I have been planning to get one of these heaters for years now, and Im so glad I did. She has an upstairs room, and we have fuel heat, and her room can get quite drafty. The heater we have constantly runs trying to keep the whole house warm. This heater was able to warm her room, and bring room to the upstairs in general with her door open. It works amazingly, she actually had to turn it down because it was working so efficiently. I plan to buy several more now for the downstairs to help aid in our winter heat, so we aren't having to purchase so much fuel, and have our heater always running. We have had for roughly a month now, and having this heater has not made our electric bill increase in the least. It is great, I cannot stress enough. One small note, there was a smell to it when first turned on, but it has tapered off, so if you get one and notice that no worries, it will dissipate.

  8. Works great

    Posted by Michael S. on 13th Mar 2021

    Will be ordering another one for second bathroom.


    Posted by Charles S on 13th Mar 2021

    The 2nd generation ENVI heater just right for a small office space.
    This is the fifth ENVI heater we have purchased, the most convenient, safe and economical heater on the market.

  10. Excellent heater that is so easy to install and operate

    Posted by John B (Denville, NJ) on 13th Mar 2021

    I'm thrilled with this product. When my house was built, the amount of baseboard heat was underestimated for the size of the room. That room is finally above 70F. Thank you for such a great product!

  11. Envi heat panel

    Posted by Julie Patterson on 12th Mar 2021

    awesome product

  12. awesome!

    Posted by Suzanne D on 11th Mar 2021

    minimalist look, efficient, & very quiet

  13. Exceeded my expectations

    Posted by George on 10th Mar 2021

    I wasn't sure if I was going to find something to address my specific need (large walk-in closet). The heater was perfect. It arrived in about 2 days. Installation was easy, price was reasonable, and performance through the worst part of the winter couldn't be better. My room is about 100ft2 and although the literature indicated it would take a few days to fully stabilize, I was happy about an hour after I plugged it in. And I only have it set at just above the minimum dial setting. The only thing to be aware of (and this isn't a design flaw by any means) is that even at low settings the area of the wall above the unit gets warm, but this was no problem for me.

  14. Amazing

    Posted by Gisela G on 10th Mar 2021

    The heater is light and slim. Doesn't occupy a lot of space.
    We love it. And heats the room really well.
    100% recommended.

  15. Cold Weather Shop Heating Test

    Posted by Dave M, Brimley, MI on 7th Mar 2021

    I purchased two plug in units for my new shop attached to my two car garage. My shop is 150 ft from Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, so November to May will be the heating season. Shop is approx 240sq/ft with a 10ft ceiling. Ceiling is insulated to R-30 and walls R-19. I entered the shop today at 42F with outdoors at 25F. During cold snaps down to single digits the inside shop temp has held to 38-40F. Thermostats are at near max. I had two objectives in this test, provide a place to keep my latex paint from freezing and keeping the shop comfortable at sweatshirt working. The most comfortable temp for the shop is 50F for long term working. I didn't expect the Envi heaters to blow me away with warmth in your face walking in, but I am pleasantly surprised with how the shop has held the heat they do put out. Once the outdoor temps rise in later March and April, I expect them to keep the shop temps a bit higher. For now I've tried two methods for quickly bringing the shop temp up to 50F, 36,000 btu propane torpedo brings the temp up fast but loud and I have to shut it down and start it up over and over (not the preferred method), and a small fan based/thermostat space heater set to low. Shop went from 42 to 50 within an hour with the third heater set to low (750W). A good short term answer for comfortable working. I will consider a third Envi to keep the sustained temp closer to 50F next year. Clean, quiet and not a utility bill buster makes this a good test. Sure beats the expense of trenching in natural gas or buying a 100lb propane tank attached to a noisy forced air shop heater. Very happy so far under tough conditions. Installed 2/21.

  16. Greatest heater ever made

    Posted by Doug. Nelson on 6th Mar 2021

    These wall heaters are more efficient than anything I’ve seen! I have been an electrician for 50 years lve installed hundreds of electric heaters! These heat better than base board heaters or forced air electric, more efficient to heat a room ! I heat my hole small house with these!

  17. love it

    Posted by Clinton S on 6th Mar 2021

    Quiet, easy to install, takes the edge off and keeps the mudroom warm and the condensation down.

  18. Worth every penny!

    Posted by Troy D on 5th Mar 2021

    I was using a 1,500 watt electric heater in my insulated attached 3 car garage just to keep some stuff from freezing in the coldest days of winter but I didn’t trust it to run at night when I really needed it the most. I run the Envi 24/7 without a worry and even though it’s 1/3 the wattage and has no fan it actually heats better on it’s own than the 1,500 watt heater did while being safer, more economical in the long run, and it cleans more clutter!

  19. EHeat great heat

    Posted by David P on 4th Mar 2021

    It works well for my downstairs bedroom in a split entry home. The heat all rises to the main floor leaving it cooler down stairs. After installing and plugging the unit in to the wall It wasn't long before the heat warmed the room. I bought another unit for the room beside it for the same reason.

  20. Works as advertised

    Posted by Barry H. on 3rd Mar 2021

    The plug in version works very well where there is a plug available. I also bought the hardwired version for another location and liked it as well, plus the wire is hidden.

Showing reviews 1-20 of 657 | Next

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